Isabel Echeverribar and Javier Fernández-Pato at HydroSenSoft 2017

The conference was held at Ifema (Madrid) from 28th February to 3rd March 2017.

The CHG was represented by Isabel Echeverribar an Javier Fernández-Pato at HydroSenSoft2017, an international symposium focused on showing the latest advances coming out of the research and development community, and share experience from practice. They presented the following contributions at the numerical modelling session:

A high performance computing 2D software for free surface flow. Application to the Ebro River flooding.”
Authors: I. Echeverribar, M. Morales-Hernández, P Brufau, A. Lacasta, P. García-Navarro, G. Pérez, J.A. Álvarez

Simulation of runoff generation and erosion in a Mediterranean watershed using 2D shallow water equations
Authors: J. Fernández-Pato, C. Juez, A. Tena, R.J Batalla, P. García-Navarro

More information can be found here