Pilar García-Navarro, invited speaker at ISSF17

Pilar García-Navarro, invited speaker at ISSF17

Daniel Caviedes, Mario Morales, Carmelo Juez, Adrián Navas and Isabel Echeverribar also attended to the conference

The International Symposium on Shallow Flows was held in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) on 26-28 June 2017. ISSF is the major meeting event in the area of environmental fluid mechanics and hydraulics, attracting primarily participants from academia and  environmental research institutes.

The plenary talk given by Pilar García-Navarro was entitled “The shallow water equations and their application to realistic cases” and was focused on the construction of fast efficient and robust numerical schemes that are able to overcome the difficulties that arise when dealing with practical applications.

The other conference talks presented by CHG were:

Analysis of the efficiency of an implicit upwind finite volume scheme for 2D shallow flow simulation on unstructured meshes
Authors: Javier Fernández-Pato, Mario Morales-Hernández and Pilar García-Navarro
Session: Numerical Techniques

Diffusion-dispersion numerical discretization for solute transport in transient shallow flows
Authors: Mario Morales-Hernández, Javier Murillo and Pilar García-Navarro
Session: Numerical Techniques

Well-balanced versus energy-balanced schemes for the shallow water equations
Authors: Adrián Navas-Montilla and Javier Murillo
Session: Numerical Techniques

A numerical study on the influence of microtopography on rainfall-runoffinfiltration partitioning
Authors: Daniel Caviedes-Voullième,  Andrea Domin, Javier Fernández-Pato, and Christoph Hinz
Session: Hydrology

Hydraulic and geomorphic processes in open channel flow with lateral embayments and with fine sediments in suspension
Authors: Carmelo Juez,  I. Buehlmann, G. Maechler, A. J. Schleiss and M. J. Franca
Session: Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics

Efficient levees numerical modelling in river flooding
Authors: Isabel Echeverribar, Mario Morales-Hernández, Pilar Brufau and Pilar García-Navarro
Session: Floods

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