New project for the optimization of Wastewater Treatment Plant Río Huerva

Aguas de Valencia and the Computational Hydraulics Group will collaborate in the process optimization of Wastewater Treatment Plant Río Huerva

The process of operating a Wastewater Treatment Plant entails the search of energy efficiency. For this, as for many problems in connection to environmental engineering, it is necessary to study the flows of water, including transport, sedimentation and reaction of solutes. Accordingly, simulation as a predictive tool becomes a fundamental element in the design and improvement of wastewater plants.

In particular, the main objective of this project is to apply a simulation tool to solve the set of processes involved in the biological reactor of a wastewater treatment plant and to optimize the operation of the plant.

The plant, located in Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza) is managed by Aguas de Valencia.