Javier Fernández and Adrián Navas at CMN 2017

Javier Fernández and Adrián Navas at CMN 2017

Oral presentations at Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering (Valencia, Spain)

The Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering was held in Valencia (Spain) on 3-5 July 2017. This international meeting covered a wide range of numerical methods developments and applications to engineering problems.

Two members of the CHG performed an oral presentation in this event:

Aplicación de las derivadas fraccionarias a la simulación hidrológica
Authors: Javier Fernández-Pato, José Luis Gracia and Pilar García-Navarro
Session: Fluid mechanics

WENO-ADER finite volume numerical schemes: from homogeneous linear equations to non-linear systems of equations with source terms
Authors: Adrián Navas-Montilla and Javier Murillo
Session: Finite volume and boundary elements