Adrián Navas and Sergio Martínez at EGU 2018

The EGU General Assembly 2018, held on 8-13 April, gathered in Vienna (Austria) 15,075 scientists from 106 countries, with 4,776 oral conferences, 11,128 poster presentations and 1,419 PICO. Two new poster presentations were carried out by Adrián Navas and Sergio Martínez:

Arbitrary order finite volume schemes for SWE: complex flows in enclosed water bodies
Authors: Adrián Navas-Montilla, Carmelo Juez, Mário Franca, and Javier Murillo

Coupled method for bed load transport in 1D open channels with arbitrary geometry
Authors; Sergio Martínez-Aranda, Javier Murillo, and Pilar García-Navarro