Adrián Navas, Javier Fernández, Sergio Martínez and Isabel Echeverribar at RiverFlow 2018 conference

The RiverFlow 2018 International Conference, held on 5-8 September, gathered in Lyon (France) numerous scientists and researchers on on fluid mechanics. River Flow 2018 focused on the latest findings in the field of fluvial hydraulics, addressing fundamental issues related to fluid processes of sediments and pollutants in rivers. Four oral presentations were carried out by GHC researchers:

Numerical shockwave anomalies in the resolution of the Shallow Water Equations with bed variations (Adrián Navas).
Implicit 2D surface flow models performance assessment: Shallow Water Equations vs. Zero-Inertia Model (Javier Fernández).
Coupled method for the numerical simulation of 1D shallow water and Exner transport equations in channels with variable cross-section (Sergio Martínez)
Numerical simulation of 2D real large scale floods on GPU: the Ebro River (Isabel Echeverribar).