Hydrological model for experimental basins

Titulo: Validation of a coupled hydrological-hydraulic model using data from experimental basins in Mediterranean mountain

Universidad de Zaragoza, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia-CSIC, 2006-2008.
Gobierno de Aragon

A computational tool for hydraulic applications of flooding predictions is developed. The software will consist of an integrated model of geographical information (GIS), a statistical model of generation of rainfall, a hydrological distributed model of run-off, a hydraulic simulation model of the water movement in riverbeds and a post-process model to obtain easy and fast results in real time. A complete model as the MITHH is going to be built with the correct work of all the models separately. The field data that is going to be used correspond to Arnás basin, available from 1996, and will allow the calibration and the validation of the complete model and, in turn, the analysis of results will lead to a better understanding of the reality. Once calibrated, the model will be in use for predicting future scenarios and simulating possible events with a satisfactory precision, in the frame of analysis of extreme events and Climate Change