Development and validation of physically based advanced simulation models for water driven geophysical processes (SIMGEOWATER)

Universidad de Zaragoza, 2016-2018, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (CGL2015-66114-R) (50% co-funded  by FEDER)

This project aims at the development of a high performance computational tool for the simulation of the hydrological and geomorphological processes of interest for flood prevention, at the level of the whole basin, with a special focus on urban areas.

Current commercial tools are not only expensive for general end-users but fail to take into account key processes related sediment transport and compromise spatial resolution to achieve computational speed. The proposed simulation tool will overcome these shortcomings by

  • New conceptual models for hydrodynamic and transport phenomena, using new empirical evidence from laboratory work and
  • implementing within a HPC paradigm, allowing for watershed-scale computations within affordable times for end-users with little resolution compromise.

Within this project, the group experience and knowledge will be used to achieve the goal of a coupled and unified simulation platform by:

  • Strengthening the mathematical analysis of the models to ensure the robustness of the simulation tool;
  • Developing fast-simulation algorithms for the numerical simulation of the different physical processes, based on existing models and taking advantage of GPU computing;
  • Validating the new developments using existing well-documented test cases (lab and field data) and new experiments conducted within the project, especially designed for testing the new tool;
  • Developing a unified, easy-to-use, modelling interface for the design of flood scenarios and GIS-visualization of the results.