Canal flow regulation and control

Título: Development of an optimal flow control software in channel networks for irrigation systems (BIA2011-30192),
2011-2014, Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad
In this project, hydroinformatic tools oriented to water volume conservation and control in open channels are going to be developed. They will be based on the innovation by means of dynamic non-linear algorithms. The correct and optimal performance of control structures in channels is an open problem after decades of research and development. A robust and efficient control methodology will be developed being the base of control elements which allow a fast and trustworthy control of the characteristics of the flow. Channel management is more and more based on the implementation of control elements that allow to reduce the workforce necessary for the regulation and to increase their service quality. With the fundamental aim in developing a computational tool that manages the objective-oriented control of gates, the mathematical formulation will be solved with the numerical technologies widely used for open channel flow by the group in the past. Technologies of the upwind finite volume family will be used for the simulation of the flow system of equations as well as for its adjoint system. In both systems of equations, the experience gained in the treatment of the source terms will be used.