Balance of water and salt in soils

Quantification and modeling of water balance and soil salts and their influence on communities of halophytes in agro-ecosystems of semi-arid Aragon under different climate change scenarios,
Universidad de Zaragoza, Estación Experimental Aula Dei (CSIC), Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia (CSIC), 2012-2013, La Caixa-Gobierno de Aragón,
The overall objective of this project was to study the behavior of halophytes as exporters of salts in semiarid agroecosystems of Aragon and to develop an eco-hydrological model to predict future trends of these systems in drier conditions due to climate change.  Our participation included the development and implementation of a mathematical and numerical model for the coupled simulation of surface and subsurface water flow and growth and reproduction of semi-arid vegetation.